Friday, December 29, 2006

New Year's Eve Checklist

Sparkly outfit assembled: check.
Nails done: check.
Party music downloaded: check.
Karaoke songlist updated and fresh slips printed: check.
Air mattress and sleeping bags packed and ready: check.
Liquor store run: check.
Giant vat of "Jolly Trouble" (recipe follows) prepared: check.
Trash removed from apartment and dishes put away: check.
Cats have plenty of food, water and clean litter: check.
Electronics unplugged, lest they spontaneoulsy burst into flames and burn the building down, killing all the neighbors: check.
Sketchy appliance with bare wiring plugged back in: kidding.
Wait — no eye-rolling — at the elevator with the carts and boxes while Superfly boyfriend makes millionth "What Are We Forgetting?" survey of apartment: check.
Dare the Belt Parkway to LIE to friend's house for New Year's Eve: check.

Hope you all have a great time on the ultimate Amateur Night. Be safe, and be prepared for New Year's Day with bagels, lox, and Absolut Peppar Bloody Marys.


Recipe for "Jolly Trouble"

Equal parts:

DiSaronno Amaretto
Cranberry Juice

Serving suggestions:

Mixed and served as a chilled shot or jello shot
Shaken and strained into a martini glass with a maraschino garnish
Poured into a Super Big Gulp cup and topped off with Veuve Cliquot champagne

So named because it tastes like Jolly Rancher candy (unlike the college bar shot called Jolly Rancher, this one uses premium booze) and because I am Trouble and I like booze.



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