Monday, December 17, 2007

Guess That Mental Illness!

In today's edition we have contestant Alycia, an Emmy award-winning Philadelphia news reporter with a winning smile and a cheery disposition -- while she's on air.

Out of reach of the cameras, our girl is famously cunty, and exhibits disturbing behavior that is self-defeating, occasionally violent and always in questionable taste.


December 2007 - While traveling through Manhattan with her DJ boyfriend and some friends, Alycia became vexed by a slow-moving vehicle in their path. After honking and yelling out of the window at the driver in front of them, Alycia and her friends then got out of her car and approached the now-stopped car ahead. The police officers in the unmarked vehicle began questioning Team Alycia. When a female officer asked Alycia to "step back, please", Alycia unleashed a volley of fury, saying, "I don't care if you're a cop, dyke bitch." Shortly after this, Alycia punched the female officer in the face. She was immediately taken into custody.

May 2007 - Alycia mails reportedly provocative photos of herself to Rich, a prominent, married sportscaster. Rich's wife, herself a prominent sportscaster, received the email. Alycia's defense was that she and Rich had been friends for 10 years and often exchanged photos. Rich and his wife vehemently and publically disagreed with this excuse.

Previously - Alycia was married to two men whose marriages she successfully busted up, who then went on to dump her as fast as they could. She is known for asking for dates on Angelo Cataldi's show and asking a Philly newspaper columnist to print her measurements in his media column.

Ok, everybody, let's...DIAGNOSE!

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And she seemed like such a nice girl when I watched her on tv ;-)

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