Saturday, October 21, 2006

Tee Many Martoonies

Oy. Vey.

There's a girl at my work who is really pretty, super funny, and very nice. She's confident and exceptional at her job. Totally the kind of girl you wish was your BFF.

For our departmental luncheon, we descended en masse on a retro diner, where our fearless leader insisted each and every person have four shots of (wicked awful) tequila over the course of the meal. Witty repartee flew back and forth, up and down the table, and this girl was the Zinger Queen. Our fearless leader, frequent target of those zingers, challenged her to a fifth shot. Of course, this girl was not backing down. She stood up, tilted the shot glass toward our leader in toast, and slammed it back, to enormous applause.

Guess what? She lives in my 'hood! Last night, she and her boyfriend met up with me and my Superfly for Sangria and fajitas at our favorite Mexican restaurant for a little something I like to call...a couples date.

Anyway, I challenged her to a round of really good Cazadores reposado tequila shots (strictly scientific purposes, natch) and she and he downed them and proclaimed it whiskey- or scotch-like. Once our new friends were well-lubed, we lured them back to our place with promises of Amstel Light, Corona, and karaoke.

So, as if this girl wasn't close enough to being dang perfect, she's got a great singing voice. Did I mention she's skinny and has awesome hair?

I'm not jealous, really. I have no current plans to stalk her. Instead, I wanted to put this "out there" as balance for all the negative crap I post on this blog.

I met someone who is really cool, Superfly and I have friends in the neighborhood (finally), and I totally dig where I'm working. Totally.

Boy-ar-dee do I have a motherfucker of a hangover. I don't remember 1/3 of the night. Luckily, Superfly didn't have anything to drink beyond the Sangria, so he's filled in the blank spots (with plenty of ridicule and teasing)for me. On the other hand, he took me out for breakfast and supplied me with Fiji water and V8.

I know you are all people of high moral standing and are much too mature to ever get shit-faced drunk (at least, since college), but I'm wondering if anyone out there has a "hangover ritual". I do.

* If you aren't in black-out mode, drink some Gatorade before going to sleep
* As soon as you wake up--before getting out of bed, if possible--drink about 8 gallons of water and a few Tylenol. Advil will not work.
* Have a greasy breakfast
* Take a super-scrubby shower and brush the Hell out of your teeth
* No polite way to say this, so: take an epic poo
* Many people swear by "hair of the dog", but I don't find it helpful. You're better off drinking the bloody mary without the vodka. All that potassium and vitamins!
* Water, water, water. It's better if it's not cold.
* Naps are your friend
* Work up a sweat, by whatever means strikes your fancy. Yes, this is after the shower. Trust me.
* Drink one can/bottle/glass of regular coke

For whatever reason, this works magically for me. What's your secret to escaping the hanging?


Blogger Linny said...

Now I have this desire to go out and get royally $#!+faced, just so I can try your remedies!

9:15 AM  
Blogger Bobulah said...

1) open eyes. close them again.
2) hate myself for exactly eight minutes.
3) curse the skies.
4) get out of bed; take four aleve (better than tylenol, troub)
5) drink half a glass of water.
6) throw up water.
7) drink other half.
8) smoke a bowl.
9) get in my car, search for a cheesesteak.
10) by this time, it's noon: time to start drinking again.

12:11 PM  
Blogger LisaBinDaCity said...

Where was this list last New Year's Day? ;-)

5:35 AM  

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