Friday, December 29, 2006

For Her Slothness and The Tasty Absinthe

Lloyd Cole, in his delicious prime. A guy at my high school was a dead ringer for old Lloyd and used it to his advantage with underclass wood-beez with asymmetrical haircuts and low self-esteem. Good for you, Robert!

The Warlock Pinchers had a song called "Morrissey Rides a Cockhorse". It's great, but not recommended if you still *heart* Morrissey. My stalker-ex is a dead ringer for the vegan-atheist-asexual-moper himself. In fact, looking at this photo is creeping me out, big time. Trouble Trivia! I wrote the Warlock Pinchers very first review (for my college paper, Metropolitan), after their concert at the Golden Community Center.

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Blogger Absinthe said...

Lloyd Cole, huh? A little obscure. A little hot. I like it.
And as for have to give him credit for having the balls to write "I've Finally Forgiven Jesus," but come on. Asexuals are creepy - I don't care who they are. They're creepy.
So do you think he's really asexual, or is it his gimmick to get ass as far as the eye can see?

10:12 PM  

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