Wednesday, February 21, 2007


"Trouble," said DJ Hitman, grinning mischievously, "you have a twin. A double! She looks just like you, except..."

...she wears our red, curly mane of hair au naturel, avec scrunchies.
...she is shy, quiet and demure.
...she is a terrible karaoke singer, and croaks out country songs.
...she covers our bodacious curves in lumpy sweaters and mom jeans.
...she probably has never been out of Lancaster County in her life.

The Anti-Trouble! I want to meet her so badly, but she's elusive. "Omigod, Trouble! I saw your twin again!" said Mike, "Everyone was saying, 'Is that Trouble?' and I was like, no, no way man." I MUST find this girl — I need to see what other people think I look like, and perhaps glimpse the me that might have been, if my parents hadn't divorced and mom hadn't moved us to the Big City.

Oh, and bet your sweet patoot I'll take photos of us together when I track her down, and post them here!

Do you believe we each have a twin somewhere in the world?


Blogger glo said...

how 'bout that, you once told me you've seen my twin

9:39 AM  

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