Wednesday, January 02, 2008

Hi-dee-ho, Neighborinos!

Me busy being sick and such spared you from any sort of year-end list. And we are all so fond of those lists, aren't we?

At this point in my life I go to the movie theater about four times per year. I was excited to see the new Pirates movie and psyched about National Treasure II, but we actually went to see Surf's Up and other Disney fare with the kids. Matinee prices, with a coupon. On the other hand, we buy DVD movies like wildfire.

I don't buy CDs, as a rule, so you can't make me care about whatever Arcade Fire bullshit is the hotness of 2007. My IPod is chock-a-block with all the music I like (disco, funk, "baggy" house music, classic rock) and did you know that a wealth of music CDs — along with movies, books on CD and regular books — are available to check out, free of charge, from your local library? No doubt it is illegal to then upload those to your IPod, but really; enough with music indusry greed already.

2007 was notable for our cross-country move, being reunited (and it feels so good!) with Trouble Jr. and the Troublets, dodging major medical bullets, and making a happy home for our little family in the Mile High City.

Also, as I may have mentioned, Robert Plant and Allison Krauss produced an album together, entitled "Raising Sand". It is so awesome, that Bob is touring with Allison this summer, rather than making obscene amounts of money doing Led Zeppelin reunion shows. Have you heard this CD yet? Whatcha waiting for?

New Year's Eve. My BFF JMe throw a lovely dinner party for her friends and admirers and we had a swell time eating, drinking, disco dancing and playing Wii. Who knew I was so good at Wii Bowling? Anyway, I gave up on my champagne-only rule at some point and the resulting pukefest was attended to by both paramedics and the fire dept. Oy and VEY.

I haven't rung in the new year with a hurl since the '90s! Oh, well. My absolutely sober and wonderful Superfly took very good care. Plus, we found a product that cleans puke out of car upholstery like nobody's business!

So, uh, what's new with you?



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