Wednesday, December 14, 2005

Wacky President of Iran

Iranian President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad, like Mel Gibson's Pop, believes the Holocaust is a myth. Mahmoud further suggests Israel either be moved to Europe, where this myth originated and is perpetuated, or be "blown off the map".

According to the story, Europe responded with appropriate gasping and a theatrical grabbing of one's chest. Germany and France issued statements hinting this might maybe possibly create a problem for Iran in the UN's ongoing discussions of Iran's request for uranium and bomb parts.

I'm really irritated with this Mahmoud guy, too. He totally stole my idea of having the enormous Arab nations surrounding Israel absorb the unhappy Israeli Arabs, instead of perpetuating this myth of "Palestine".

Where is a friggin sniper when you need one? Where did they all go? I wish, and hope, and pray for snipers, but none ever appear. Well, that deranged DC sniper. What an idiot! He's a skilled sniper living near DC, and he shoots regular people? I give up.

Spielberg has a movie coming out, "Munich". Already the world press is complaining about "inaccuracies" and a general making-Palestinians-look-bad feeling to the movie. I'm a big fan of Mossad. Those piece of shit Arabs murdered Israeli athletes at the Olympics. Damn straight you hunt them down and kill them.

We assume the rest of the world ought to understand and appreciate our legal system as The Way Things Ought to Be, but 3/4ths of the world don't and won't. Terrorist organizations know and exploit the weakness in our system with comic regularity. No trial, no jail, the answer to what to do with terrorists is kill them.

Starting with Hussein, quickly followed by Ahmadinejad. Any Arab standing around with a gun, or strapped with explosives, should be put on notice. Make my Day.

I still do not support the war, or our own retarded President; I'm just a fan of snipers and other covert assassinations.

Which side do you think Mel Gibson is going to come out on?


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Check this out ... ironic isn't it?

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