Monday, September 18, 2006


Jevon Kearse is out, probably for the season, thanks to his injured knee.

I watched every moment of Sunday's game against the hapless NY Giants, but I still can't pinpoint the play that turned the game. Sure, McNabb's premature celebrating and trash talking was in poor taste, aggro-boy Akers shouldn't have missed that easy field goal, and the fumbling and bumbling typical of the Giants somehow infected the Eagles, but damn.

The Eagles owned that game. No one in their right mind thought the Giants would win! Yet they did, overcoming a 24-7 deficit by sheer dumb luck and carelessless on the part of the Eagles.

And now Kearse is out and Westbrook fighting to stay in (also knee). Last year, plagued by injury and distracted by loudmouth sideshow acts, the Eagles had one of the worst years, ever. In Houston, the old birds appeared to be in control, handily taking the Texans to first down conversion school. Hope springs eternal, they say.

It just sucks that the opening game at the Linc, against Division rivals NY Giants, had to be such an absolute embarrassment. No one should lose to the Giants--they are terrible.

By the 4th quarter I'd yanked off my Eagles ballcap and game shirt and chucked it at the TV in protest. Superfly just shook his head in sympathy (he's a Jets fan) and wisely said not one word about the Eagles sucking.

I did find an Eagles fan club here in Brooklyn (so I can leave the house in my gear without getting pummeled by NY team fans) and they found a Philly-friendly bar that has Yuengling on tap and on special with hot wings during Eagles games.

Next week--redemption in San Francisco.


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