Monday, September 04, 2006

Whither Summer?

The Labor Day Lament. The last mad dash to the beach is over; we resolutely refused to let Hurricane Ernesto ruin our trip to the Chesapeake Bay, with its furious wind and drenching rains knocking out power lines and tying up traffic on the Bay Bridge almost all the way back to Bay Ridge.

We were there for Superfly to photograph an outrigger canoe race, more so for the friends, the post-race luau, and the Aloha Boys. Yes siree, the aloha spirit was alive and smiling during the deluge as locals offered up space in their homes for racers who traveled from as far away as Toronto and who had all planned to camp near the (now submerged) race site for the weekend. Our inimitable host, Slicko, announced to the shivering assembled, "The pig's in the roaster and the beer's been tapped. Let's party!"

Of course, the sun did not emerge until the morning everyone left to return from whence they came, but the race went on (with some adjusting for high tide and raging water) and the legendary luau was simply moved indoors. A good time was had by all and a more fitting end to summer I cannot imagine.

I wanted to paddle, but wisely chose not to. After the hip hop dance class debacle I need to give the overenthusiastic embracing of new workout opportunities a rest. My fucking back is killing me, again.

Time to pack up all the whites and candy-colored summer clothes for another long, hard winter and break out the stiletto boots for some polish and new heels. Time to gather up my things and head back to New York. Time to reunite with friends I haven't seen in, like, forever, and say "so long!" to my awesome friends in Amishville:

Bobulah: Next time a drunk hootchie tries to traumatize you, just tell her MTV is outside looking for local ladies. Then flee.
K-Money Millionaire and Pinky: Keep escaping Reading as much as you can and definitely keep on letting poseurs and hootchies know what's up. Boriqua!
Star: Hope the new wheels get you where you want to go, you dirty pirate.
Adam, Alem, Skittles and everyone at the Lodge: NO DANCE MUSIC! "Freebird!" "Oh, no, not Trouble!"

Superfly and I will be back before you know it. Not that any of you bastards will miss us, anyway. That's fine, we have friends in New York who like us better, anyway.

Two last thoughts for today: GO EAGLES and COME ON, INDIAN SUMMER


Blogger Kmoney said...

Trouble said "That's fine, we have friends in New York who like us better, anyway."


Lancaster will be very plain with out you. Hurry back, damnit!

8:15 PM  
Blogger Bobulah said...

personally, kmoney, i'm offended. no one loves you like your karaoke boys love you, and no one ever will. i don't care how many posh, black-framed glasses-wearing, pretentious manhattan poseurs you meet, there is only one bobulah, and one kmoney. bleh. we'll be loving you in cow country until said cows come home.

2:58 PM  
Blogger Trouble said...

First of all, don't call me kmoney. Secondly, I love you more!

5:16 PM  
Blogger Star, The one and only said...

I just want to say I love and miss you all, but trouble a bit more. she gives better hugs, sorry bob.
My truck is still working although after you and supes saw me, I did break down that night. thank pep boys for being a money grubbing capitalist corporate chain and staying open on labor day!!! I'll post soon and catch you all up. Ive got a hootchies wedding to DJ and damn me i have about 500 songs to download....( legally of course..yeah, thats it, legally)

12:05 AM  

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