Tuesday, September 19, 2006


How do I like to celebrate my first day on the job? With a spectacular allergic reaction, of course! Ta Da!

I awoke to a red, swollen eye and head-to-toe hives (a personal favorite). More because I worried about the Quasimodo eye thing being pinkeye, I went to the ER and called off my first day of work. Sigh.

After a remarkably fast visit to the same Brooklyn hospital I visited via ambulance a year before (for hives + can't breathe), I checked in with work and assured them I was fine and the grosteque look wasn't catching. Good Lord, I have to take an ID picture! GAAAAAAH!

Two things you should know about allergy medicine: Regular Benadryl will knock you the fuck out and non-drowsy Benadryl will give you mad jitters. Tavist and other allergy (lodatrimine) meds dry you out and make you all cracked-out and dizzy. Prednisone is a great relief at first, but the weight gain it dumps on you will make you curse the drug's inventor. With all the meds, the relief is a bigger gain than the side effects a loss.

As most people already know, it's allergy season. Carry tissues and sinus meds with you to work. If you're like me and prone to hives and such, also carry Benadryl and your Epi-Pen. I also recommend you give your place a good cleaning (with basic, non-perfumed cleaning products), dust, and dig out/clean your humidifier. You'll need it soon.

Stupid Things to Which I am Allergic:

Insecticide and Bug Sprays of all kind
Stinging/biting insect bites
Various Food Additives
Other common chemicals

Any other sufferers out there? Got any tips or suggestions?


Blogger LisaBinDaCity said...

Oy, poor you!

Hope you feel much better SOON.

Gentle hugs!

4:30 PM  

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