Monday, September 18, 2006

Today's Young Lady

Myspace profiles by females tend to fall into two categories: soft core porn or sparkly do-dads. For the longest time I thought only girls in their teens and twenties did the whole check-out-my-photospread-of-me-in various-slutty-outfits-making-"come hither"-glances-I-copied-from-my-boyfriend's-Maxim-thing. I was wrong, very wrong.

Many did not get the memo about the "slut stamp" tattoo or hear the many pleas from the fashion experts not to outline your mouth in darker colors than your lipstick, or to not wear sparkles and miniskirts after age 35.

I fought this finding-our-inner-slut thing with my girls when it came to the dolls, clothing, and related accessories marketed to very young girls, called Bratz. Fostering an appreciation for all things related to urban, ethnic hootchies does not in any way sound like a good idea. (With all due respect to said hootchies, it just ain't right for elementary-aged kids.) I never thought I would being pushing Barbie, saying, "Look at this cool outfit! And Barbie has a job!" But when faced with characters who lack ambition beyond being the DJ's girlfriend, bringing out the big Barbie guns was completely necessary.

Much was made in the media about all of the above and more (stripper fashion, porn stars as role models, etc.) and guess what? Urban high schools now find a little problem with their oversexed students. Do I think it's only the girls? No, stupid. Boys need re-programming, too, especially if they think women are accurately represented in porn.

With every girl doing the Ho-bag thing these days, what's a rebellious teenager to do? A suggestion: get attention by making real contributions, being a good, kind person, and having pride and confidence in abundance. Modesty. Mystery.

A good rule of thumb? Do the precise opposite of whatever Paris Hilton is doing.

Now, back to myspace and the skank parade.


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Does Paris have siblings like New York, Buffalo or Los Angeles?

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