Thursday, November 01, 2007

Back in the US, CO

What a wild and woolly trip that was. Sorry about the rant about flying, I guess I was a little upset with other people's selfishness.

We are home now and have found a Colt .45 bottle and some PBR cans in our fridge. Trouble Jr. must have been entertaining classy company! Nothing bad happened — as far as I can tell — and we are glad to be back where people are sane. Vegas is nuts!

Perfectly normal, everyday people step off the plane from their mid-western town and magically transform into zombie slot sluts, Girls Gone Wild, or Mr. "I'm a V.I.P." within an instant. Mister, I know your wife and kids back in Altoona would be shocked to see those lap dancers slithering down your Dockers. Lady, I bet your neighbors in St. Louis have never seen you in that miniskirt, dancing like that.

Chacun a son gout
, as les francais say. I can't help but see the con going on, everywhere you look. Everything in Las Vegas is designed to separate you from as much of your money as possible, with you eager, obliging and smiling the whole way.

Easy for me to say, I guess. I just spent 6 days living it up in Las Vegas and ended up spending less than I would've just hanging around Denver. The only gambling I did was a quick run at a penny slot machine. I won $20 and left it at that. Superfly played some poker and ended up breaking even. Not too shabby!

It's good to be home, where when I hand someone or some business my money I get something in return.

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