Friday, September 28, 2007

ABBA: The Tour

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First of all, seeing any concert at Red Rocks Amphitheater in Colorado is pleasing to the soul. Although a wee chilly last night, the view did not disappoint. Neither did ARRIVAL, the world's foremost ABBA tribute band.

They are Swedish (er, I guess the Ana-Frida clone is actually Norwegian), they are admitted ABBA obsessives and they can absolutely sing the hell out of those catchy tunes ("Winner Takes it All" was my favorite"). The costumes, the dancing, the singing, even the between-song patter was authentic '70s Swedish supergroup awesomeness.

The amphitheater was nearly at capacity — people had to resort to sitting on the steps or perching on the railings — and every last one of the mofos were on their feet, dancing, singing and otherwise going berserk. Lots of little kids were there, enjoying being out way after bedtime, but I didn't see as many people in drag as I'd hoped. Oh, well.

My BFF Jaymie was my date for the evening, the tickets a birthday present for her. We recalled our prior (as in early '80s) trips to Red Rocks (bodha bags, everclear punch, shitty jam bands, stomach pumps) not so fondly and toasted with our water bottles to a much-improved Red Rocks experience. Not that we approve of taking it too far from cool, as when some 50-year old man torched up a doob, all 50 people sitting around him turned and shot him the stinkeye. He put it out.

I'm getting old. I hate, hate, hate live music concerts. I am easily enraged by the lemming-like behavior of crowds of people. I think tribute bands are a joke. I no longer drink enough at one sitting to enjoy an event secondary to being bombed and acting like a complete retard. In general, I'm unpleasant to be around.

I fucking loved ABBA: The Tour and will cherish the memory of that concert. People at my fave karaoke bar are on notice: it's gonna be all ABBA, all the time for a long time.

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