Wednesday, September 05, 2007


...and just in time for Mercedes-Benz fashion week.

Almost exactly one year ago I pitched a story idea to my editor and set to work on what would end up being nearly five grueling months worth of research, interviews and writing. I talked with fashion editors, fashion designers, PR flacks, automotive designers, auto design students, auto experts and women car buyers and have the acres of transcripts, tapes, emails and questionnaires, endless re-writes, etc. to prove it — not that anyone cares.

I moved to Denver in-between the last fashion week and the New York Auto Show. My story was supposed to be published then, but I got into a big scrap with the editor over my byline. There is a strong chance that my story will be published with someone else's name on it. This is due to an internal policy wherein all work generated on premises by employees is property of the company and the Editor gets to do with it what he/she will.

I'm not mad at the Editor — he gets it from all sides and has to deal with shit from which I would run pell-mell away in the opposite direction. He has always been kind and fair to me and I have to assume something more important than me is forcing his hand. It's my fault for not getting everything in official writing before turning in my story, anyway.

There is also the chance that some half-wit slag in the video department will appear in an attached video. I was to tape a video for the original story with fashion designer Dana Buchman, but had to cancel our shoot day due to my breast biopsy. When I returned to the office, I learned that the aforementioned half-wit slag would be damned if any other girl would appear in a company video but her and refused to allow our use of the cameras, etc. Why a stalwart company like this would allow a 20-something dingbat to run an important media division is astounding and incredibly depressing. This is not my fault and the slag can burn in Hell.

(Aside: Ms. Buchman is absolutely splendid and her designs for Cadillac are divine, even if most of the interior details won't make it onto production models. Also, I love her Fall 2007 line, even though I'm more of an Old Navy kind of shopper.)

*Sigh* This is a lesson learned: trust no one in publishing, keep your ideas close to your vest, examine contracts thoroughly before turning in copy and above all, trust no one in publishing.

If my name ain't on it I'll be sad, but glad it finally got published — I think it's a hell of a good story.


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