Saturday, August 25, 2007

The Name's K-Money

He sings the crap out of "Creep" but he's far from one.

K-Money had the thankless job of working with me at a chain restaurant. We bonded over a mutual hate of ketchup and grew to be good friends through karaoke at the Ho. Oh, that's the Tally Ho, my hometown historic gay bar. Neither of us are gay but lots of our friends are and we both loved the resident karaoke DJ.

He toils all day at some suit-and-tie job that he's way too smart for, and tolerates the bizarre, irresponsible, rude and sometimes tragic behavior of all his friends with some kind of zen magic. I worry he'll snap and throttle some unsuspecting diner waitress who absentmindedly hands him a plate covered in ketchup.

Yes, it's Trouble-is-Sentimental Week. Suck it up!


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