Tuesday, September 18, 2007

Saturday Night Live

What did you do last Saturday night? Did you attend a black-tie charity gala that featured an intimate live concert with Earth, Wind and Fire? No? I did.

Yes, it was awesome. This is how close to Philip Bailey we were when we boogied. I know! We are so lucky.

It sure was weird to be at a concert with 1500 extremely rich white people. One of the trophy wives tried to get up on stage and dance and was immediately (though gently) removed by security. I told Superfly it was like the Forbes prom. Har, har.

The BAND was, of course, insanely good. You just can't appreciate The Voice and all its many octaves until he is 5 feet away from you, trilling away. Mind boggling. And hello? Someone needs to bottle some of that energy Verdine White is cranking — he is a smiling, whirling dervish of happiness and talent.

I won't soon forget that night, I tell you. Pretty sure I've always been an E,W & T fan and have passed the love to my troublets. Their favorite is "Boogie Wonderland". What's yours?

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Blogger marty said...

Philip Bailey w/o Phillip Collins?

11:55 AM  

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