Wednesday, January 23, 2008

Not Again

Sometimes I am overly enthusiastic about my job, and overshare information with people who then endeavor to use me, exploit me, and otherwise tempt me to plan their bloody, heinous demise.

The problem lies in my wanting to partner with people or help them in their own jobs. I'm peace-loving and obsessed with justice and fairness. I'm not the devious, back-stabbing sort like the people regularly promoted on reality TV. Those people are as cowardly as human beings can be and I despise them. When I do bad things to people it is always well-earned and the unlucky soul pre-warned and given plenty of chances to make right.

For example, I answered an employment ad for a TV show host. My interview with the producer went extremely well; I liked his previous work and he liked my credentials. At his request I pitched a story and together we met with the source for the story. This producer came off clueless and grasping and I saw on the source's frowny face that he wasn't buying this schmendrick's Hollywood-in-Des Moines spiel. Embarassed, I did my best to redirect the conversation to the topic.

Fresh from success in my real job, I speak to this producer about a lead I'd given him. "Right! We'll be there covering the story. Can you send some questions so our host doesn't look like an idiot?"

At least for now, I'm going with the idea that this guy is clueless rather than diabolical. He'll not hear from me again unless he does something really stupid, like contact my sources. Yes, of course I will alert those sources to my diassociation with this fool, but if I find he steps out of line he will feel the wrath, the terrible wrath, of Trouble.

UPDATE: Happily, I was wrong about the producers intent. One hide saved!



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