Thursday, December 15, 2005

"Skeletor" Begs for Attention

Although my personal politics (though not my voting) tend more towards the conservative side, I find each and every right-wing/neocon blabbermouth (politicians, spinners, newsfolk) beyond the pale.

Example: Who, exactly, is Ann "Skeletor" Coulter trying to gain attention from in this latest barf-fest of an article?

It isn't the voters, that's for damn sure. As far as I can tell, this republiwhore aims to tickle a few belly laughs out of the roly-poly right-wing/neocon movers-and-shakers she spreads for. Good for you, Skelly.

I'll bet a lot of Americans agree with me: when the choice is between repugnant and dangerous Republicans, and pathetic, neutered Democrats, the answer is, who cares? In the next Presidential election, I sure hope the Demmies win. It's definitely time to clean house in D.C.

Karl Rove- gotta go
Dick Cheney- gotta go
Condi Rice-- gotta go
All Bush -- gotta go
All NeoCons--deprogrammed and rehabilitated

Ah! That felt good!


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