Thursday, January 26, 2006

*Warning!* Political Rant Ahead!

Disgusted with his initial election. Appalled with his re-election. Shocked at the arrogance of his handlers and supporters and amazed at his ability to commit illegal and egregious acts against the American people in broad daylight and, aside from some weak grumblings in the newspapers, walk right on by, whistling a happy tune.

Both elections were rigged.

Michael Moore was certainly right about the war in Iraq and the President’s lies.

The President holds nothing but contempt for his fellow Americans.

The level of evil cronyism in our government rivals that of the most corrupt third-world junta.

And there was talk about impeaching Clinton because he cheated on his wife and made a bad investment? Such interesting priorities we require of our political leaders.

You can murder our soldiers to advance your wealth and power, you can spy on us, but by golly, you better not cheat on your wife!

Don’t confuse me with a Bill Clinton fan, please, that is inaccurate. Clinton is highly intelligent, a talented communicator, and a foreign policy ace. (Let’s think for a moment about how Dub fares in these areas….) I thought Clinton was fine as President. At least he was qualified. But I wasn’t a fan of his Hollywood act; I found that inappropriate.

For all his Democrat assurances, Bill Clinton, in reality, advanced many conservative objectives; ones conservatives were unable to push through a Democratic Congress. NAFTA, anyone? You’d think maybe the right would appreciate this. You’d think wrong! No amount of bipartisan success could erase Hillary, who the right deems evil incarnate.

You will see, in the next few years, a great leap backward in time, to before human rights, civil rights, and equal rights for women. Make no mistake, the right-wingers are intent on accomplishing this before the end of Dub’s term. Stacking the Supreme Court through calling in favors and Gestapo intimidation is just the beginning.

The right yearns to abolish abortion, the EEOC, the teaching of evolution, and to reinstate the rich, white, Christian man as the authority on all things. And they want this done before Hillary gets a chance to run for President.

It’s too late for us to do anything about any of this. We’ll just have to play clean-up when the Republicans are ousted. Like everything else in life, politics moves in cycles.

I’m much more worried about Israel. Hamas’ victory, Iran’s nuclear program, and the West’s seeming abandonment of Israel is beyond dangerous. All of militant Islam seems to be gunning for Israel at once and I have a terrible sense of foreboding. Although I know Israel will not hesitate to defend herself by any means necessary, it’s very, very scary right now.


Blogger jan deland said...

Greetings from your favorite (I hope) foreign correspondent, calling in from The Holy Land Bureau, where I assure you -- the prevailing dilemma is still whether to lose your awesome overnight parking space to go out for drinks, or whether to just take a damn cab. How r u doing? :)

2:07 PM  
Blogger Trouble said...

OMG! The world-reknown Jan Deland!

I would be so very honored if you would deign to be a World of Trouble Holy Land correspondent, my effervescent darling. You've just made my whole week. :)

Aside from a frequent tendency to go off on a rant, I'm doing just dandy, thank you. Excellent to hear from you!

(Miss Deland is a gorgeous friend going back to Jr. High School, people. She is magnificent and I love her.)

2:16 PM  
Blogger LisaBinDaCity said...

Nice to catch up with old er longtime friends via blogland ;-)

5:51 PM  

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