Wednesday, February 22, 2006

Where is Dubai and Why are They Buying Ports?

Answer one: United Arab Emirates, new home of Michael Jackson and site of personal islands for gazillionaires, shaped like the world's continents and countries. We're talking, rich beyond your MegaMilion dreams.

Answer two: Well my dad says it's, "just business". Maybe, but in light of world political climate, I'd say it's bad business.

Now a group of Arabs are complaining of discrimination. Why is everyone getting upset that some nice Arab businessmen are buying rights to ports in the United States? Boo! You meanies!

Going out on a shaky limb here, but do think maybe a group of Germans got upset about world outrage after the Nazis invaded Poland? There were a lot of different kinds of Germans, you know. Not all Nazis. Nice, family-oriented, peace-loving Germans.

And in this country, we have daily fodder for outrage regarding our current administration. When this moron is finally out of office, I predict much sorrow over the carnage that happened "right under our noses".

Here's an idea: stop voting lunatics into office.

"Palestinians" voted Hamas into office because they were tired of Palestinian Authority corruption and tired of being poor. They bought into Hamas' schtick about it all being Israel's and the western world's faults. Think they were poor before? Now they are bereft of foreign aid. Soon they will be prevented from working and going to school, and even more so for the women. That'll be a nice change. Guess whose fault that is? Not Israel, not the west. Those wacky Israeli Arabs did it to themselves.

There was a point in there somewhere. Oh yeah: Hey Arabs and Persians? Clean house. Even if it is "all business", even if you are gentle, peace-loving families, you'll want to do everything possible to distance yourself from the people our President dedicated his Homeland Security Office to keep out and the people dedicated to driving Israel into the sea and the people who want to turn back time in all Islamic countries to the Dark Ages.

And another thing: stop voting lunatics into office.

:end rant:


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