Wednesday, February 08, 2006

Hello Dahn Hak people!

I doubt you remember a post I wrote back in October about a "yoga" cult. I'd forgotten about it, too.

Thanks to my trusty blog tracker, I find that I receive lots of visitors from an anti-Dahn Hak website and from others I assume want to check out the unelightened buffoon who dared besmirch the name of Ilchi Lee.

Whatever. I'm either too smart or too easily distracted by shiny objects to take part in cults. Evidence is overwhelmingly in favor of the Anti-Dahn Hak movement, but I have other windmills for my tilting pleasure. To the people who probably have their chakras in a twist about the Dahn Hak-bashing, I say: Time will tell. When your money is gone and you still aren't enlightened, you'll see.

Got to give the little bastard credit; Mr. Lee has quite a lucrative racket going on, and the part-PT Barnum, part-evangelical preacher/hustler is really working for him. The more he's discredited and threatened with deportation (not that Korea wants him back), the more dough he rakes in.

There you have it. Thanks for checking out my blog, y'all! I don't mind at all if you link or paste my blatherings on the subject. Please give credit where due.


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