Monday, July 10, 2006

Don't Call Me a Slacker, Bobulah!

I'll wreck ya!

Superfly boyfriend paid me and greater Lancaster County a visit this past weekend, so ex-cuuuuuuuuse me if I had better things to do than blog. Hmph! Besides, I have another periodontal abscess and I'm quite cranky.

We did have several fun nights of karaoke goodness, didn't we? K-Money's triumphant return from the wastelands of a family holiday in Virginia Beach and Superfly in town: what more can you want, eh?

If you haven't yet checked out Bobulah's blog, you're missing some real coffee-spewing reading, fantastic songwriting, and the odd touching moment. Plus, he posted the Karaoke Kommandments, alone worth the click-over.

Rumors abound that the Lodge will soon close, depriving us of the many characters and experiences that warped us into the drooling addicts we are today. If I could buy the Lodge, oh, the changes I would make:

1. Update the decor. [File this under "massive understatement"]
2. Keep bar staff and entertainment staff separate.
3. Post Bobulah's Karaoke Kommandments near the KJ booth and in all the songbooks.
4. Utilize the security staff I'd hire to enforce said Kommandments.
5. Hold giveaways and contests regularly.
6. Advertise cautiously.
7. No fucking "dance music" or poker. Karaoke 7 nights/week, bar none.
8. If regulars refuse door charges or table minimums, there'll be a per-song charge. This will also cut down on karaoke-hogging.
9. Institute Guest KJ and Guest Bartender night.
10. Install a gong on-stage and make one person the official gong-er of the night.

What beautiful ideas, no? Sadly, even if I had that kind of money, I'd probably just spend it at Bendel.

P.S. Good potential for few posts this week as I have urgent need of an oral surgeon. [insert raunchy joke here]


Blogger Bobulah said...

lo-fucking-l. speaking of coffee-spewing. except in this case, it was turkey hill diet tea. muah, thanks for the compliments, honey! love ya! and if you need a partner in that karaoke bar, i'm your man! it's slowly, but surely, becoming my dream. see ya tuesday!

5:44 PM  

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