Saturday, November 11, 2006

My Backpack Got Jets

Oh, damn. I never cared about Star Wars and I'm not sorry about it. Blah, blah it is a sacred thing in the minds of people of a certain age and a geeky inclination. For me, Star Wars is the Hokey Pokey.

But take a listen to this random rap song by some dude named MC Chris (love the retro "MC" thing, Chris, it really sets your vision, your talent apart from all the DJs running around, sampling their own farts into old techno tunes)and set to YouTube video by myriad mouth-breathers.

Still, it's pretty damn funny!


Anonymous Anonymous said...

It just so happens that my parents named me MC Boogie but I had it legally changed after I turned 13. A boy's gotta have something to look forward to later in life, dontcha know ;)

9:23 AM  

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