Tuesday, April 24, 2007

Making Friends

Making friends has typically not been a problem for me. I'm outgoing, fearless and occasionally charming. Keeping the friends has been more of problem for me, because I'm moody, forgetful and occasionally insensitive. I still have friends from high school and college that I'm close to and frequently email.

Superfly tends to be shyer at public appearances and in sparking conversations with strangers. I have no problem whatsoever helping him out with this, but it does occasionally embarass him horribly. He has many friends who absolutely adore him and he's known his best friend since they were three years old. At one the goodbye parties, a selection of former co-workers from jobs he had 10 years before, showed up to wish him well.

Here's the problem: we've just moved to Denver and we need some friends. I have a handful of people who don't wish me dead and my entrails set on fire, but they have new babies, or they engage in activities which do not appeal to us. Anyway, I'm content doing things on my own, or with Supe.

I say we just get out and do stuff, and the people will also be out there doing the same stuff. We also plan to get involved with Brotherhood, Sisterhood and so on at our new Temple. As usual, everyone at his new job thinks Superfly is the radness.

Where does he find new poker buddies? Dudes to play golf with, or help move, or whatever it is dudes do? Guys, a little help? Advice for the Superfly?



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