Thursday, April 12, 2007

A New Blog Friend!

Ok, so a blogger happened by my blog and was kind enough to leave a comment. OF COURSE I had to check out their blog and all I have to say is I snorked coffee up my nose in the first post.

If you like funny -- and I know you do -- check out:

As soon as I fully emerge from my Nyquil coma, I'm adding him to my blogroll.

Good news! You can still get the original Nyquil, you just have to show ID. Stupid meth-heads. That's who is to blame for the new and completely ineffective formulations of cold and allergy medicines, don'tcha know.

I've been epically sick the past few days. Helpful, since I've a whole apartment to unpack and clean. We're talking; every bone in my body aches, I can stand up for only as long as it takes to walk from bed to bathroom, I sweat and shiver and I've gone through three massive boxes of tissues. Superfly is cringing from me and I do not blame him.

Bah. So thank you, Mr. Digital Fortress, for brightening my day.

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Blogger Digital Fortress said...

Your welcome, I'm saving the world one blog post at a time, and thank you for the very kind compliment. It is appreciated.

I can still purchase Nyquil right off the shelf here, but they lock up the sopositorys. WTF?!?!?

3:52 PM  

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