Tuesday, April 17, 2007

Bouncing New Baby Blog!

From now on, all my blatherings related to cars will go here. The rest of the nonsense shall be posted herein. Blah, blah, etc., etc.

My question of the day is: Where did newly emigrated Cho Seung-Hui get them guns?

Perhaps if sellers of guns 'n ammo (legit or not) faced hair-raising fines and jail time for selling guns 'n ammo to people of questionable personal and social responsibility, fewer innocent people will die.

And yes, schools from elementary on up need a stronger psychology department, and parents need to get their kids real help, instead of doping the tots into submission with drugs. Apparently, we as a country are not helping immigrants with their mental health needs anymore than people born here.

It is my opinion that mental health is more important than lowering cholesterol, fighting breast cancer, losing 20 lbs. or curing erectile dysfunction. When people afflicted with those problems get into trouble, they typically do no shoot other people or blow things up. You know? The thing is, if you aren't mentally healthy, having a Bowflex body and low cholesterol won't much matter in the long run.

What happened at Virginia Tech is gruesomely tragic. I am so sorry for the victims' friends and family. I'm sorry for Cho Seung-Hui's friends and family, too. I hope everyone gets some help, some therapy for the unimaginable grief they all must feel.

What a terrible shame.

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