Sunday, February 03, 2008


Great Caesar's Ghost! Talk about communicable disease. We all got it; me, Superfly, the Troublets, even Trouble Jr.

It starts with a run down, cranky feeling
Then the sandpaper coughing and violent sneezing
Soon you are swooning in bed with spiky fever
Some have nausea and vomiting, some are more the ebola diarrhea type
Everyone clutches their tissue box in a vise grip
Everyone wears 8 layers of clothes and still shivers
We've run through two boxes of tea and two honey bears

A week later, I am the only one well enough to make the tea, take temperatures, pick up the snot rags and dispense Nyquil/Tylenol Cold for Kids.

So, if you haven't caught this nastiness yet, let me make a few recommendations on how best to prepare:

(Make these purchases at Costco)

Puffs Plus with Vicks
The good humidifier
Chicken soup
Honey-lemon throat drops
Digital thermometer
Thick, flannel pajamas
Ginger Ale, if you hate Gatorade as much as I do

Believe me, you're gonna get sick. Don't matter that you got a flu shot, it'll catch up to you. Just collect this stuff now while you're well. Trust me.

Dr. Trouble, at your service.



Blogger Kitt said...

Bummer! I hope you feel better soon.

2:32 AM  

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