Tuesday, September 14, 2010

Tea Party

It pains me to see this foolishness gaining ground with Americans. No one I know will admit to being a member, but I want to just put this information out there for anyone interested in history, facts, and freedom.

"Take Back America!"

From whom and to what? As I understand it, the Tea Party would like to jump in their Hot Tub Time Machine. Good old Reaganomics suits them just fine and they don't take kindly to all this socialist progress and godless science telling them their beliefs are not historical facts.

"In God We Trust"

America is not a Christian nation, and that really boils their bunnies. Our Founding Fathers wanted it to be though, right? Actually, the first settlers were fleeing religious persecution and looking for a better life in a new country. Dirty illegal immigrants! The Revolutionary War started because Britain's rule was oppressive and exploitative. The Continental Congress was unanimous in their opposition to a state religion and made that clear in the Constitution.

How much do the evangelical christians of today compare to the righteous Quakers and Lutherans they revere? Well, most early American christians were modest and shunned capitalist ideas as un-Christian.

Speaking of Christ, I take it he was a real radical in his day. Fighting the corruption of the Sanhedrin, preaching equality and freedom for all, going ballistic on the moneychangers...That pinko commie socialist!

All the other Protestant sects must be terribly embarassed to have these fools doing things in their name.

Tea bags are also upset with their own party for not being "conservative" enough. That, my friends, is plain dumb. What they call conservative is a repellent melange of racism, classicm, theocracy, xenophobia and extreme capitalism.

Why, it's sort of like King George railing against the Colonists. Is that where they want to go with this? Their rhetoric is grade school stuff, completely nonsensical and reactionary. The problem is that their "base" is blue collars and white hairs who are mad as hell and not really sure who to blame. If you say that Muslim black guy who is turning our great nation into a socialist, islamic hellfire wants to tax us to kingdom come and also take away our guns, well, boy howdy, Mr. Beck, we are fighting mad about that, sir!

Herewith, a list of Tea Party Wants:
- Our government will consist of white conservative Christians only
- Select committees will do all of the electing, thank you
- The Bill of Rights will be erased
- Supreme Court is for conservative, gun-toting Christians only
- Education for white conservative Christian future leaders only
- No immigration by anyone, ever
- No health care for anyone but us conservative Christians
- Wealth is only for us conservative Christians
- Kiss those Civil and Women's Rights goodbye
- Deregulation for all business
- Elimination of all environmental laws and regulations

So, if you fancy a return to Medieval times -- and I'm not talking about the theme restaurant here -- by all means, support your local Tea Party wingnut. Nice work, Alaska and Delaware Republicans!

Oh, and that whole "Party of Lincoln" thing? You are so far from Lincoln that you are Whigs and American (Know-Nothings). In other words, the opposite of Lincoln. The pro-slavery, anti-Democracy folks.

It is all puppet theatre for the billionaire corporate executives behind the Tea Party who just want to consolidate all the money and power and give fuck-all about the other 99% of Americans. It is as simple as that. Other billionaire corporate executives are behind the Democrats and establishment Republicans.

While separation of church and state is important, I think it's high time for a big separation of commerce and state. Get big business out of the government, especially foreign big business! Did you know that China owns us?

What we need in this country are people with vision and courage, leaders who earn that title through their inspiring ideas and good deeds. Radicals, like Jesus of Nazareth, or Abraham Lincoln.

We need to take back this country, alright. Take it back from Big Pharm, Wall Street, Banks, Big Oil, etc., etc. Business has no business in politics. We need MORE regulation and enforcement. Finance Reform. Campaign Finance Reform. Transparency. a Ban on Lobbyists.

We need a democratically-elected, representative government. Like the one the Founding Fathers hoped for.

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Blogger Anonymous Assclown said...

So, are you going to embrace the concept of a "democratically-elected, representative government" when Republicans control the House & Senate? Come to think of it, I dont recall you being so respective of the democratic processwhen Bushie was in office.

9:39 PM  
Blogger Trouble said...

So your claim is that Republicans are not guilty of subverting the election process? That the current crop of White, Christian Republican senators and congress people represent America? That Bush was a champion of democracy?

Thanks, I needed a hearty guffaw today.

1:54 PM  
Blogger Anonymous Assclown said...

Two politicians...
One was raised in a strongly Democratic family. One of twlve children. First job was mopping floors in his father's bar. He was the first member of his family to go to college, which he paid for with his job as a school janitor. He first job in politics was as a town trustee.
The second was the son of a former presidential candidate. Attended elite St Albans high school in Washington DC where he was suspended twice for discipline issues and had to repeat 9th grade. Graduated from his father's alma mater. Never held a private sector job. Was elected to Congress based almost entirely on name recognition (his father's namesake). His campaign was financed in part with illegal foreign contributions.

So which candidate is John Boehner and which is Jesse Jackson Jr.

And if Republicans were so well versed in stealing democracy, would Obama be in office now?

8:44 PM  

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