Friday, September 05, 2008

Election 2008

Let me reveal to you the truth, without the distractions of blaming media bias, rooting out scandal and spreading lies, or grandstanding rhetoric. Governor Palin is a pretty pony, a media lightning rod, a big "fuck you" to feminists and Hillary Clinton fans, and a humongous phony. McCain's relevancy and power to motivate and/or lead has long past. Obama and Biden are an odd couple, but hardly puppets of a greater evil.

The actual choice for voters in this pivotal election, is simple:

Four more years of the Dick Cheney Show or positive change in government, economy, environment, education, and foreign policy.

Want more war, a worse economy, devastation of our natural parks for the gain of a handful of American oil & gas billionaires? By all means, feel confident in your vote for Dick Cheney.

But just so you know, no one has forgotten or forgiven you for voting Bush into office in the first place. How about you do the right thing this time, hm?



Blogger robjones said...

LOL. Cheney isn't running, Junior.

As for the clueless kid that wants to get the carkeys before learning to drive... Obama is gonna go down as the tird loser in a row for the DNC. I wont hang around and argue with you about it... I'll just watch it happen.

6:21 PM  
Blogger Trouble said...

"LOL, Cheney isn't running"

Wow, that is some deep denial going on my friend. Mr. Cheney appeared on several newscasts to affirm that he is McCain/Palin's "number one advisor".

But instead of feeling victorious if Cheney gets his wish you should feel traitorous. You are no better than any run-of-the-mill suicide bomber.

10:45 AM  
Blogger How_Is_my_Leader_Today? said...

Mr. Cheney appeared on several newscasts to affirm that he is McCain/Palin's "number one advisor".

What news cast or sources are you quoting from?

From CBS:
"McCain Unlikely To Use Cheney In Campaign" -

From Politico:
"What should McCain do about Cheney?" -
But Cheney and McCain also have had a rocky relationship.

They have clashed publicly and privately during the Bush years on matters ranging from the treatment of terrorist detainees to former Defense Secretary Donald Rumsfeld. Most recently, they’ve been on opposite sides on the idea of a gas tax holiday and on a Cheney-backed energy

10:50 AM  

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