Tuesday, July 08, 2008

Hopped up on Goofballs

Goofball #1: The Endless Dental Problems. Another filling yesterday, and the dentist joked that I was running out of teeth to drill and fill.

I've always had bad teeth: first dental surgery at age 10 when skin from the roof of my mouth was grafted onto my quickly receding gum line. Metal fillings, composite fillings, braces for two years, impacted wisdom teeth removed. All before I was 21. At this point, I am seriously thinking dentures, or wooden teeth a la George Washington.

Plus side
: I have amazing dental insurance. No, really: 100% coverage in most cases.

Goofball #2
: The Stressful Summer. Superfly fiance and I are both looking for work, we have the troublets all summer and we are trying to plan a Labor Day weekend wedding. Other issues continually crop up to annoy and/or cause panic.

Plus side: We are having a lot of fun with the kids, spending plenty of QT together and our families are selflessly helpful and kind.

Goofball #3: Politics. As a registered Independent, my voting choices this year are pretty darn challenging. Neither Presidential candidate has shown so far to be adept at foreign policy or national economics and the local politicos are a sorry lot.

Are we not weary of political rhetoric and corruption? Haven't we been beaten down and trampled by real estate and energy speculation and racketeering? We are bankrupt, barely hanging on to jobs and homes. We are sick of war and cynical of warmongering. It's during times like these that anarchy and revolution fester in the minds of a population.

Which of the candidates, the mild-mannered Senator with liberal views and his race working for and against him, or the loose cannon Senator who was a veteran and POW, a moderate in a sea of arch-conservatives, who nevertheless is an alienating crazy person in public appearances, can lead us through disaster and doom back to prosperity and balance?

Plus side
: No Bush family members or outright cronies are running for major office this year. Go get 'em, Bugliosi!

The best remedy for goofballs is resting with your feet up on your porch and enjoying the beautiful sunsets while sipping an ice-cold beverage. Repeat as needed.

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Blogger LisaBinDaCity said...

At least you have good dental insurance. I always end up ahem eating the costs, (bad pun but I couldn't resist!)

9:39 AM  

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