Tuesday, April 08, 2008

Dem Bones

I am under the care of a chiropractor. Did you just scoff? Scoff away to your heart's content. I am aware of the controversy surrounding the medical profession, having seen the episode of the Simpsons dealing with the topic. Oh, and some anecdotal blahbeddy-blah about chiro foul-ups that paralyzed or killed people which sounded a lot like those lipstick-on-the-mirror-AIDS-message urban legends. WHAT-evs.

Regular readers of this blog know that I've complained about my back pain for the entire three years of this web diary thingy's existence. Physical therapy? 12 weeks worth. X-rays and consultation with an orthopedic specialist? Yes, and the co-pay was outrageous. Pain relievers and anti-inflammatory meds? Check. Yoga, Pilates, and gentle strength-training? Forever.

Yet the pain raged on. My long time physician and the three physical therapists all recommended I see a chiropractor. Like you, I scoffed. If they are so good, why aren't they recognized by the Academy of Medical Poobahs? Oh, they are? Ok then, why doesn't my insurance cover it. What do you mean it does? Hmm.

It's my second day of seeing Dr. Brad. It took him all of 30 seconds to find and correct the source of my pain. I'm not kidding, people. My back pain is GONE. I'll see him a handful more times and then as needed. That's it. No drugs, no stupid, useless exercises, no surgery. Just some twisting, cracking and popping, none of which hurts but all of which gives me a start and makes me chirp and coo unexpectedly.

Probably not for everyone. But what a chiropractor has done for me in 48 hours, versus 2+ years of traditional time-wasting, has my body loose and my mind ecstatic.

HOORAY for quackery! Long live non-traditional medicine! I'll have more of that Kool-Aid, thank you! Whee!



Blogger marty said...

It's been some time since the medical profession actually cared about helping people.

Glad the chiropractor worked for you.

1:24 PM  

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