Sunday, February 24, 2008

Surgery Day the First

Couldn't sleep last night, hope that means I'll zonk out for the whole thing. Something about peering up at a bunch of doctors while they murmur and joke as my guts are sucked out just gives me the creeps.

Between this, Surgery the Second, and my utter commitment to my personal trainer, Bruce, who is also a puppy foster dad for the Humane Society, (Love!) I will be fitting into the gorgeous Vera Wang dress I bought for my wedding.

Or, you know, heads will roll.

We are off to Dr. Porsche's office for my little adjustment!

UPDATE: Well, I was awake for the entire thing and had the unique opportunity to listen in on plastic surgeons discussing Kanye West's mother's death. My doc proudly announced, "We sucked out 3 lbs of fat!" After the puke-tastic reaction to Vicodin I am now abed, being coddled, and awaiting the bruises to go away and the swelling to go down. There is a celebratory belly shirt in my near future!



Blogger Absinthe said...

I'm wishing you a speedy recovery!
Did you ever check out Black Devil Disco Club? I think you might also dig the compilation "Disco Not Disco 1978-1986" and the band Putsch.
Maybe new tunes will nurse you back to health! :D
Take care of yourself...

9:27 PM  

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