Sunday, October 12, 2008

Interesting Times

Superfly hubby and I were supposed to spend the entire month of October traveling. Two exciting Las Vegas auto shows and a much-anticipated-yet-delayed Hawaiian honeymoon.

Instead, we are at home, going all frugal on yo ass. Trips canceled (saving about $4k) and Operation Financial Recovery in full effect.

Coupon clipping, walking everywhere, cleaning the house instead of watching TV or fooling around on the computer. Spending time at the library and more hours reading the books we check out.

Instead of going out to eat because we are friggin' lazy we're planning menus for the week and learning to cook new things. Supey is aces at homemade pizza!

We're actually utilizing our free, state-of-the-art gym here at our apartment complex and he lost 5 lbs. or so, within days. Amazing. I hate him.

But really, it is amazing. Shuffling off complacency produces a wildly exciting feeling of freedom and power and instead of being depressed, resentful, angry, whatever, over the state of things, we put our resourcefulness to work and we're both feeling pretty positive about our ability to weather the coming financial doom.

Things that Help:

1. We do not have any savings, investments, or 401(k).

Sadly, these are the hardest-hit accounts, with no relief in sight. Where do you think Wall St. will bail water from?

2. I have a guaranteed income every month from SSDI that — so long as McCain and Himmler are not elected — is as secure as it can get. I also receive health insurance and free prescriptions.

3. Lived most of my life in poverty; I know from frugal.

How to produce a dinner for five from nothing is my specialty.

4. We have little debt.

Debt does nothing good. Live within your means, people. Lose the credit cards and go with one debit card per household. Convert that mortgage or sell the damn thing. Downsizing is all the rage!

How are YOU coping with the Great Depression, Part Deux?

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Blogger FOOTBALL MAN said...

I love your blogs, looking forward to future updates.

7:03 PM  
Blogger LisaBinDaCity said...

We're cooking a lot more, and eating in more frequently.

6:33 AM  
Blogger marty said...

I'm looking at more opportunities to embezzle, create Ponzi schemes, and take advantage of the less fortunate.

12:28 PM  

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