Thursday, July 07, 2005

A few words on the London terrorist attack

We, as self-proclaimed civilized people, must do more to prevent, contain, and punish crime. Those bug-eyed Islamic extremists who bombed the city of London today are not "terrorists". That term only serves to romanticize their crimes. They are criminals. Similarly, leaders who drag their people into war and lie to them about their reasons for doing so are criminals. So are people who self-righteously claim their religion and their spiritual leader as the one true, using this righteousness to enslave, kill, or simply put down, those who do not agree.

I don't think any of the aforementioned are above "common" criminals in any way, shape, or form, and it astounds me they continue to walk free. An unknown criminal, having robbed a bank, not having ordered the murder of thousands of Americans, is hunted down and tried and jailed with intense scrutiny and bloodlust. Martha Stewart went to jail, but Tom DeLay is still in political power. Saddam Hussein is disgraced, eating Doritos in a jail cell, while GWB continues to mime leadership for a country in which he's committed twice the crimes of Hussein in his.

9/11 was more complicated than a criminal act on the part of Al-Quaeda. Still, Al-Quaeda is alive and well, bombing away at Western devils. And you can count on them being around for some time, as our own homegrown religious extremists build their case for Christian Fascism on the foundation of the evil Muslim enemy.

Can we stop them? Yes. They are criminals--we know how to catch, prosecute, and jail criminals. The trick is seeing them for what they really are, and not what publicity seeks to manipulate you into seeing.

My heart aches for the victims of the London bombing attack and their families. It still aches for everyone affected by 9/11. And I continue to rage against criminals everywhere.


Blogger LisaBinDaCity said...

Isn't free speech the best? Got to love the good old US of A :-)

3:17 PM  
Blogger Leave It To Cleavage said...

Today's tragedy sickened me as did 9/11. It's days like today that make me realize how precious life is and how we should not take one second of it for granted, rather we should soak it up and enjoy it. Tell the ones that you love how you feel every chance you get because you just never know. I won't finish that thought, but I know you understand.

Life is precious and funny in its own way. My brother was supposed to be at the WTC for a business meeting on 9/11, but it was postponed one day. My cousin's fiance worked in WTC, but he was 5 minutes late in catching his train that day..... you just never know.

Love you!!

4:38 PM  
Blogger Belle said...

I had two friends that perished on 9/11 - one was on AA flt.11, the other jumped from the WTC. It sickens me that things just don't seem to have improved on our fight on terrorism. Living in a military town, it saddens me when people I know go off to fight and don't return. My heart goes out to all those who who've suffered, most recently in London. Those assholes just never seem to stop 'til they know they've hurt someone. I firmly believe in an eye-for-an-eye, hopefully someday soon they will get theirs.

3:39 PM  

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