Wednesday, March 29, 2006

Faltering Idols

Busted! I watch American Idol.

Last night:

- Almost everyone sucked

- My favorite, Taylor Hicks, sang a song for me: "Trouble"

- That douche, Chris Daughtery, had the affrontery to sing Creed

- Paula Abdul tried valiantly to appear less zany, failed, had to
be forced back to her seat by Simon Cowell

- Stylists efforts to make Taylor look "younger" only made him look goofier

- What in the Hell was Katherine "Catch the McPhever" McPhee wearing?

- Who's the bigger tool: Seacrest or Randy Jackson? My money is on Randy.

- My prediction for who will be voted off tonight: Bucky Covington

Feel free to weigh in, Idolators!

Note: Good thing no money rode on that prediction: Lisa was axed


Blogger Tribble said...

WTF? This show gives me the guts to get on stage and do karaoke in front of 20 people. If these knuckleheads can do this crap on live tv in front of 20 million people, then I can certainly do karaoke. What a waste of 60 minutes last night, the most boring thing I have ever seen. They should just show Paula back home in her padded room for an hour. Toss in a segment of her "interviewing" Bucky (or whoever it was) about his freakin scar, and you've got yourself a show. Whoopity doo!

9:08 AM  
Blogger Kaia said...

Missed the show - glad to know almost every one sucked. Saw the 'vote off' last night - SHOCKED that Katherine was in the bottom - will someone PUHLEEEEZE vote Bucky off - or Paris - they both give me the willies.

I wasn't sad to see Lisa go - she was so vanilla. Sweet - but boring.

My favs: Taylor - Katherine - Chris - and another one - or 2 - heehee :)

1:14 PM  
Blogger Leave It To Cleavage said...

I only like to watch the Idol tryouts. Once in awhile I'll catch an episode here and there but the show does nothing for me. Now, talk about 24 and you have my attention.

6:15 PM  

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