Monday, June 05, 2006


1. My broken back is healing nicely, thanks to copious pain and sleep medications, physical therapy, and plenty of rest. I should be back in the big city in a couple of weeks, barring any re-injury.

2. Still waiting for the tribbly Superfly to make up his mind about my HS reunion. I may have to go without him (sob!).

3. Because I let him have the last word, Jonah won the comment war under "Loose Change". What's that? You never read it? For shame. Nuts to you ostriches--he'll hopefully be back around next politics post to pick up your slack. Anyway, Hurrah for Jonah!

4. Some asshat stole my pimped-out cellphone. Of all the nerve! It took me forever to find just the right wallpaper and ringtone. The new one is pretty cool, maybe with a few well-placed rhinestones I'll be comforted from my loss.


Blogger Boogie said...

I din't know your back was behaving badly, but 'tis good to hear (read) you're doing better -- and I hope by being back in the big city, that means this weekend's festivities are in your and Superfly's plans.

The high-school reunion thing is something I've talked about with the future Ms. Boogie, and it's likely that we'll both take passes -- although we have discussed it. I'd love to bring her round to meet my old highschool mates, but it dawned on me that I would rather take her to Balthazar or Jane then out for drinks thereafter rather than bother with my old mates :)

As for the comment wars, I personally disagree with the conspiracy theorists, Michael Moore, and the suggestion it was Zionists or Scientologists or disgruntled terminated Hallmark Card writers that perpetrated 9/11. As limp and ridiculous Dubya has proven to be as a president, Osama's bunch have taken credit in a number of instances for 9/11. These days, all one needs to convince anyone else of anything is a URL and several authentic-sounding clauses or theories, and it's hook, line, and sinker. I've suggested in the HoB that I could construct a pretty, flash n' HTML-inspired site that makes a case that the Pope wears ladies underwear, but that doesn't make it so. But I'm still not convinced Benedict or whatever his name is doesn't go for the full-body stocking and a bustier or corset for shaping and support :-D

As for the pimped-out cellphone, I got me a Motorola Razor on the day of my last birthday (I brought it to Birthday Karaoke, dontcha know :) The point is that it was all pimped out 48 hours after being in my possession -- some site in Russia has a copy of some software that let me link my PC with the phone and the next thing you know, I've got holographic wallpaper, a selection of homemade ringers and a phone that does a lot more than make calls. But I realized, soon thereafter, that I'm tossing this thing in 14 months for a new model (probably the new Motorola smartphone that just came out, aka the Q) and I realized that pimpin' out the cell is like installing new seats and a new engine in a leased car, except usually my phone looks a lot worse for wear than my car after a year of use.

In any case, glad your back is doing better -- hopefully see you both Saturday for the soiree ;)

2:24 AM  
Blogger Bobulah said...

hey, i want to give you my number, but i don't want to post it for obvious reasons, so here is a riddle. ok well, it's 717 for starters, duh.

the main road to hbg and the turnpike...

the number of keys on a piano...

the summer of love...

hope to hear from you!

3:20 PM  
Blogger Leave It To Cleavage said...

I'm glad to hear that you're feeling better, I'm so sorry to hear about your cellphone. I would die if someone stole mine, it's my whole world, well that and I don't have any other phone.
Glad that you're on the mend! Take care sweetie.
Lots of love!

10:24 AM  
Blogger LisaBinDaCity said...

I'm also glad you are feeling better. Love and hugs, and see you in NY SOON.

Lunch at Union Square Cafe? ;-)

6:21 AM  

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