Monday, August 07, 2006

Stripper Chic

Are ya kidding me? When did skeezy pole dancers become beauty and fashion icons?

Seriously, though, look around. Your average soccer mom, celebutart, and high schooler all sport the same stuff-some-money-in-my-thong look: overly tanned skin, overly hairspray'd hair, sparkles, and extremely questionable sartorial choices best left to coke whores. Some women think "burlesque" is a fine exercise option--one girl who frequents the Lodge (and in all other respects appears to be a normal, sweet girl) busts out her patented pole dance move--bend and touch toes, slowly arise butt-first, flip and sultry look. Nice! Here's a fiver, honey!

And this is acceptable how?

Really, how low must one's self esteem be in order to spend hours every day transforming oneself from Average Jane to Krysyl, Champion of the Pole'lympics with the application of "glowing" lotion on top of radioactive fake tan and just the right mix of short shorts and high heels. Uh, yeah.

Maybe men like their wives, daughters, sisters, and friends resembling the strippers from their friend's bachelor party, maybe not. In any case, I'm super anxious for this atrocious trend's demise.

:end rant:


Blogger LisaBinDaCity said...

Oy on all counts!

7:59 AM  

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