Sunday, December 03, 2006

America's Top Walking Coatracks

Anyone watching Season 7 of Tyra's model farming show? Me either. Mad Love for Tyra, don't get me wrong — small doses, small doses. Anyhoo. Gawker did a quick spoiler on the apparent winner, another pretty giraffe with a stupid name; this time Miss Cover Girl Ad Extra is named after a shopping avenue in L.A.: Melrose. The episode airs December 6, if you want to check it out.

Bored on a Sunday evening, I clicked around and found some REALLY ANGRY and MEAN Melrose Bickerstaff fans here who have a caps lock addiction and strong ideas on just who "owned" whom on American Top Model, Season 7. Makes for good schadenfreunde (I know the commenters spelling is atrocious, try sounding it out).

*Wave* to anyone checking out my blog from my comments on Gawker. Thanks for stopping by! I'm actually no one of consequence and my blog is choc-a-bloc with useless information and boring stories, but I'm thrilled you had a passing interest.

In other news: I broke a personal record in online Mah Jong Solitaire (Taipei).

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