Monday, December 11, 2006

Katie Couric, Say it Ain't So?

Workday mornings are all about routine:

1. The alarm goes off and I get up and out of bed (I despise the snooze button).
2. Arrange the pillows and blankets in a pile and cover the bed in gigantic plastic sheet, so the kitten does not pee on the actual bed (for the millionth time).
3. Turn on the Today show and listen/watch distractedly while getting ready for work.
4. Post-shower, sit on the plastic-mummified bed for a minute and watch Today.
5. Finish getting ready, check the cats have nourishment, grab the Ipod and Metrocard and flee.

Only this morning, around No. 4 on that list, something different happened. Ann Curry, Matt Lauer, Meredith Viera, and Al Roker discussing re-gifting. Ann and Meredith disavow the practice. Matt is not against it and actually looks smugger than usual. Al says he's been a recipient of re-gifting. Matt chortles and says, "Yeah, from someone who used to work here." Al looks stricken. Ann and Meredith both have that smiling-while-shitting-bricks look.

Really? Katie? Maybe not, maybe it's someone off-camera that no longer works there.
In any case, I'm thinking a re-gift from Her Anchorness would not be a Chia pet.

To Hell with all that, really, because Neil Diamond is on TV now and I am busily melting into a pile of goo.

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Blogger Tribble said...

We have a snooze button?

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