Monday, December 04, 2006

Why it’s Easy for a Bipolar Person to Blend in NYC

• Everyone on the street hears voices. It’s called Bluetooth.
• Hallucinations, Part I: Bugs. Unfortunately, there very well can be (bed)bugs crawling all over you.
• Hallucinations, Part II: There’s a good chance whatever lunacy you’re seeing is real.
• Find me someone who doesn’t go on thoughtless and damaging spending sprees.
• Colossal lapses in judgment? Whassamattah, you don’t read the Post?
• Volatile mood swings are expected and accepted as perfectly normal
• Paranoia is a positive trait and the smart choice.
• So you’re unreliable. Everyone’s too jaded and cynical to care.
• Eccentricity is the norm. Topeka calls it “crazy”, we call it “inspired”.
• The average hipster can give you a run for your money on having a short attention span and little short-term memory.

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Blogger LisaBinDaCity said...

That's funny about the bluetooth. I recently told a friend that it's harder to spot the crazy people who are talking to themselves anymore due to bluetooth technology ;-)

6:04 AM  

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