Sunday, March 04, 2007

Happy Purim!

Just picture a tri-cornered hat!

Who are the modern Esther/Ishtar/Hadassah and Mordechai who will bring down the modern Haman, Iran President Mahmoud Amadinejad?

Think I'm crazy?

Amadinejad is only the latest incarnation of the ancient, evil tribe of Agagites. Even other Arab and Persian tribes hated the blood-thirsty Agagites, as do some Christians who take their Bible literally and are readying themselves for Armageddon.

How about:

Esther=American Jewry
Ahashverus=the American President
Haman=Militant Islam

Me, Superfly and his family all went to a Purim spiel at a Conservative shul on Long Island. Besides the usual little girls dressed as Vashti and Esther and little boys in their Halloween costumes, there was a musical re-telling of the Megillah featuring reworked Beatles songs and a Rabbi (fetchingly outfitted in tie-dye and khakis) who emphasized in his sermon that Vashti was an early feminist, demonstrated by her refusal to give in to the demands of her husband, the King, that she "humiliate" herself in front of his party guests. It was mighty interesting and I got plenty of apricot hamentaschen, my favorite.

Did you watch "The Lost Tomb of Jesus"? Yeah, Jesus and Mary Magdalene were married and probably had a kid. Whoop-a-doop. Tell me something I didn't know, Poindexter.

But I appreciate what they are doing and encourage them to keep up the good work. Hard-core Christians won't be the least disturbed, they call it fiction and question the methodology and science and blah, blah. When people don't wish to be dissuaded from their dogma, they will make up all kinds of stuff to prove the truth wrong. Which is a sentence you'll probably read from chuckling Christian "experts" soon to play down the startling facts revealed in this overly-dramatic TV program. DaVinci code, anyone?

Whatever. I love apricot hamentashen.


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