Tuesday, June 13, 2006

Catering Overload

Two all-day catered events in one weekend? No sweat for your intrepid Trouble and the unstoppable Superfly!

The first was a non-working event for both of us, which is nice. Superfly's lovely cousin got married on Long Island in what I've decided was the best Interfaith ceremony ever witnessed. Wonderful, and the whole wedding went off without a hitch.

Then there was the food. An array of breakfast items during the interminable photo session. A cocktail hour sumptious buffet on which to nosh. Then, a plated 3-course dinner, followed by a "Vienna" dessert...ROOM: A bakery, a coffee shop, ice cream store, and yes, a fucking chocolate fountain, all in one room. It was amazing, delicious, and way over the top. No wedding cake, no line dancing, no bouquet or garter throwing--a refined wedding to remember.

Our second catered affair was a charity golf outing: smiling foursomes and happy awards recipients photographed by the one-and-only Superfly. My role was limited to printing those pictures and stuffing them into frames. Oh, and availing myself of the delectable pastries and coffee at breakfast, phenomenal burgers at lunch, and more damn prime rib for dinner. Guess what? Another fucking chocolate fountain for me to complain about.

My event planning career in cold storage, it was nice to simply be a guest at these events and celebrate with the hosts. Normally I would go on for days about how I'd do things differently; this time I smiled and had another cannoli.

Superfly is an amazing photographer, yo. Hook a brother up!


Blogger marty said...

When the Vienese table is brought out I like to hear the William Tell Overture playing. This makes the perfect soundtrack for the people running after the Vienese table like they haven't seen food before.

5:28 PM  
Blogger Trouble said...

LOL, Marty, that's so true. However, the majority of guests at this event were too long in the tooth for galloping.

...although the table of sugar free desserts went untouched!

7:06 AM  

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