Sunday, August 13, 2006

Songs About Trouble

I'll give you the song title, see if you can come up with the artist. An exhaustive search (right!) of all genres of music produced these titles. The songs simply called "Trouble" are numerous, so I've provided the best known of those artists.

1. TROUBLE - Elvis Presley
2. Trouble - Pink
3. Trouble - Ray Lamontagne (w/thanks to Marty)
4. Trouble - Akon
5. Trouble - Whitesnake
6. Trouble - Buckwheat Zydeco
7. Trouble - Coldplay
8. Trouble - Cat Stevens

Ok, here we go: (note: I'm looking for the orignial artist, no stupid remakes)


"There's Your Trouble"- Dixie Chicks
"I Think I'm in Trouble"- Lindsey Buckingham
"Trouble Tribe"- Trouble Tribe
"Trouble in Shrangri-La"-Stevie Nicks
"Trouble in the Land"- Black 47
"Big Trouble"- Trout Fishing in America
"Here Comes Trouble"- Bad Company
"Trouble Man"- Marvin Gaye
"Trouble in Paradise"- Randy Newman
"Making Trouble"- Geto Boys
"Trouble With Normal"- Bruce Cockburn
"Trouble is"- Kenny Wayne Shepard
"Trouble Ahead, Trouble Behind"- the Greatful Dead
"Trouble at the Henhouse"- the Tragically Hip
"Trouble's House"- Paul "Trouble" Anderson
"Trouble Sleeping Pt. 1"- Corrine Bailey-Rae
"The Trouble With Being Myself"- Macy Gray
"Born for Trouble"- Willie Nelson
"Trouble With Love Is" (Bobulah gimme)- Kelly Clarkson
"Trouble No More"- John Mellencamp
"Double Trouble"- Lynrd Skynyrd
"Little Trouble Girl"- Sonic Youth


Blogger Bobulah said...

1) dixie chicks
2) expose
4) stevie nicks
5) black 47
6) trout fishing in america
7) bad company (and jem and the holograms)
8) marvin gaye
9) huey lewis and the news
10) geto boys
11) bruce cockburn
12) montgomery gentry
13) grateful dead
14) the tragically hip
15) paul anderson
16) corinne bailey rae
17) this is a macy gray album, but there isn't a title track. hmmm.
18) willie nelson
19) kelly clarkson
20) allman brothers band
21) four different songs, all original artists: eric clapton, travis tritt, the cars, and the roots
22) sonic youth

1:27 PM  
Blogger Bobulah said...

p.s. check out my page, let's see how you do

1:29 PM  
Blogger Trouble said...

16 correct, Bob, very nice!

2:31 PM  
Blogger threetoedsloth said...

There's also a most excellent Al Jarreau song called Trouble in Paradise (different from the Huey Lewis one).

6:34 PM  

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