Tuesday, August 26, 2008

Blog Reader Appreciation Day

Hi! How have you been?

You may have noticed — and a hearty thanks to those who wrote to inquire about it — that this blog was blocked for some time. The decision was based on several emails I received, ignorant and unbelievably cruel screeds.

My feelings were not hurt by those emails because people whom I don't know and don't care about cannot hurt my feelings. They did succeed in shocking me, enough to decide that such people had no right to read my personal blog. So, if their object was to silence me, they won.

But it was a temporary and Pyrrhic victory, you slimy miscreants. I'm back, I'm happy and I'm ready to overshare again.

You there, reading this and wondering what the Hell I'm on about, I *heart* you! Thank you for reading this goofy, often hostile blog and occasionally weighing in with your comments. Thank you for asking whither World of Trouble?

WoT is back and fired up about the DNC. Stay tuned!