Monday, September 15, 2008

A Curious Circle

In November of 1999 I had three things on my mind: my pregnancy, the national election, and the Millennium Bug. My baby, you see, was due in early January of 2000 and everyone around me was all hopped-up about doom. Doom if George W. Bush won the Presidency and worse doom when the world's computers fragged-out on December 31 at midnight.

I watched in horror as the national election became a joke, the GOP stealing, lying and cheating in broad daylight. The disgust I felt in the ensuing weeks as canards about hanging chads and the electoral college were palmed off as "facts" and this yutz, this last-choice of the already-repellent Bush family became our cheerfully retarded President and made the U.S. the laughingstock of the Universe.

Nothing happened on January 1, 2000, other than a sale on free-standing generators. My son was born on 1/17/00 and received fun gifts for being a Millennium Baby.

Eight years later, the retard is finally on his way out. But here we are again with the doom. The GOP propped up another set of cheerful retards for ignorant people to get behind. Palin's chortling about "Hockey Mom!" is as terrifying as can be, given her history of being actively evil in public office. But some women, wanting a woman in the White House (no matter how evil) at all costs, or simply identifying with Palin on superficial (not to mention manufactured) qualities, are crying "sexism" when anyone (rightfully) criticizes Palin's lack of experience, insight, or political know-how. You can almost see Cheney's hand coming out of the back of Palin's conservative blouse.

McCain himself is not a bad choice for President. But McCain is not totally on board with the GOP fiends, and Palin will be on board for anything her overlords say. So let's pretend they are elected. McCain karks it soon enough, making this lipsticked pig our President. New Supreme Court justices are appointed. Goodbye Roe v. Wade, hello prayer in school and creationism taught alongside evolution. Hello offshore and national park drilling, goodbye pristine environment and endangered species! I could go on about what a terrible vote that would be, but let's move on.

I hope to be pregnant by November, which will mean another long and dyspeptic Tuesday night. Not as frightened about the world this child will be born into as I was eight years ago, though. I guess we can thank the GOP for numbing us to the unimaginable. "Really, a war in Afghanistan and Iraq for oil? That never ends?"

As for the other doom thing: Wall St. crashing, banks folding, people homeless and jobless, dogs and cats living together, etc.

We cashed out our 401(k)s long ago and have no other investments and no debt or credit whatsoever. I receive Disability from Social Security and Superfly hubby does his own thing for himself. If SSDI ran out and jobs dried up, we have the skills to get food and shelter and will manage just fine. For us, it is justice served to see, for example, the Walton family (of Wal-Mart evil) crying about their billions and re-stocking their doomsday shelter.

I have always hated the rich and powerful, it's part of my anarchist/Communist DNA. Even if I became wealthy beyond my wildest dreams (and that isn't something I dream about) I would hate other rich people and plot against them.

In November of 2008 I will have three things on my mind: my pregnancy, the national election, and the 2nd Great Depression.

I look forward to the ignorant drive-by comments this post may get, from bloated Republican men who clearly learned nothing in the last eight years of GOP criminal acts, and also think their opinion means more than nothing to me.

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Thursday, September 11, 2008

A Baby Story

Superfly hubby and I are about to embark on an experience unlike anything either of us have lived.

Well, I've been pregnant before but never while on (much needed) medication.

So, with the help of my psychiatrist (Dr. G), my OB/GYN (Dr. R.), and a dizzying array of blood tests and doctor appointments, we are going to try to have a baby.

Surely there are moms out there who have it tougher, say, moms with cancer or moms with physical impairments. I will do whatever my doctors tell me, try not to vex my sweet husband, and leave it up to Mother Nature whether or not I get to have a fifth beautiful, healthy child.

People I actually care about voice their concern for my age and mental health, or wondering why I would want to bring yet another Trouble baby into the world. Because I do care about these people, I don't tell them to go fuck themselves.

The Stakes: I must be off Lithium for the first trimester, no exceptions. I am 40 years old and in good physical condition. No one knows what to expect when I'm expecting, as an unmedicated Bipolar person (for a few months, anyway). Risks aplenty, for everyone involved.

The Yield: A beautiful, healthy child. A chronicle of a pregnancy many people around us think is unwise and dangerous for me, that I hope will be helpful to other bipolar moms.

Not a Baby Story you'll see on TLC, for sure!


Friday, September 05, 2008

Election 2008

Let me reveal to you the truth, without the distractions of blaming media bias, rooting out scandal and spreading lies, or grandstanding rhetoric. Governor Palin is a pretty pony, a media lightning rod, a big "fuck you" to feminists and Hillary Clinton fans, and a humongous phony. McCain's relevancy and power to motivate and/or lead has long past. Obama and Biden are an odd couple, but hardly puppets of a greater evil.

The actual choice for voters in this pivotal election, is simple:

Four more years of the Dick Cheney Show or positive change in government, economy, environment, education, and foreign policy.

Want more war, a worse economy, devastation of our natural parks for the gain of a handful of American oil & gas billionaires? By all means, feel confident in your vote for Dick Cheney.

But just so you know, no one has forgotten or forgiven you for voting Bush into office in the first place. How about you do the right thing this time, hm?