Sunday, August 20, 2006

House Party

Things I learned from Saturday night's Bobulah house party, where Superfly and I got our karaoke hosting on:

1. K-Money's chicken sammich recipe is awesome.
2. Thou Shalt Not Use the G.D. Words in This House, Trouble.
3. People who are drunk and high are easy to torment by hiding baggies and/or lighters.
4. No amount of coercing, badgering, or threats will get K-Money's sister to sing karaoke.
5. Despite being enormously drunk and high, Bobulah can sing the shit out of anything.
6. Basements are poorly ventilated, making contact highs easy to come by.
7. Bobulah's parents are either heavy sleepers or big fans of "Love Shack".
8. Bobulah's house is set in the movie "Children of the Corn".
9. White people cannot rap.
10. Dogs prefer to drink room-temperature Lager.

Sorry if you weren't invited to this one, hope to see you at upcoming events--we are also always alliteratively available for all your house party entertainment needs. Got karaoke?


Blogger Tribble said...

That was our best karaoke gig ever! Things I learned:

1. Always set an end time before beginning karaoke. Otherwise you'll be there till the sun comes up.

2. Chipotle sauce and pepper jack cheese make even the nastiest veggie burger taste great.

3. Never ask Bob to dog sit.

4. Never ask Trouble to watch your baggie.

5. Never ask Joey anything. Period.

6. Never borrow a lighter from K$'s sister.

7. Never go to the Lodge when you can host your own karaoke gig at Bob's crib.

We totally rocked that bitch.

10:15 AM  
Blogger Star, The one and only said...

I am so supremeley bummed I couldnt be there. damn it all, damn it all to the bloddy god damn bowels of hell.

hope I can make the next one.
your own baltimoran

10:24 PM  

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